Brad Thompson

Brad’s musical roots started at an early age. At home both of his parents were avid music fans and musicians themselves. Brad’s earliest memories are of his dad picking out Luther Perkin’s guitar parts off of Johnny Cash’s albums. By the age of 18 Brad had enrolled in the University of North Texas’ music program to study classical guitar and voice. In ’92 Brad began a solo career as a purveyor of original music . His songwriting and performing soon began showing the influences of solo guitarists such as Michael Hedges and rock bands such as Toad the Wet Sprocket and Counting Crows. He puts his music in the capable hands of the finest musicians and the end result is great music regardless of style or category used to define it.

In his own words, “I’m a guitarist, singer, songwriter and bandleader based in Fort Worth, TX, USA. Me and my raggedy old guitar have been traveling all around this country playing music professionally since 1987. We play festivals, parties, fundraisers, clubs, weddings, churches, and camps just to name a few. I’m amazed at the power of live music and what it can add to any situation. I’m always in pursuit of the next, exciting musical experience and all that it may hold.”

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